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Founded in 2015, ShooWin is an innovative ticketing company that offers fans the opportunity to buy, bid and sell reservations for tickets to post-season and championship games through its patented reservation platform.

Reservations for tickets are available for 149 games across the NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NHL, MLB and NCAAB. Fans choose the team, seating section, and the number of tickets. ShooWin collects the reservation fee and when the team makes the game, the fan receives the tickets. ShooWin tickets are 100% Guaranteed.

ShooWin has delivered over 10,000 tickets, has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and has been featured in major publications such as Sports Business Journal, CNBC and Sports Illustrated. ShooWin has offices in New York, New Jersey and Indianapolis.

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Thank you ! My seats last year for the big ten championship were phenomenal ( 50 yard line and maybe row 12 or 13 ). I was your biggest referral person as me and my friends posted it all over Facebook! You have a great company, thank you for the opportunities to get tickets to these games.
Brian S
ShooWin is an A+ service! This is such a novel concept and has provided me with the opportunity to attend events that I otherwise never would have. I am a huge proponent and have gotten a lot of peers and colleagues to use the platform. I've had nothing but great experiences with ShooWin and can attest to the great customer service as well. Keep up the great work, you've got a customer for life!
Danny S
Went to game one of the 2018 World Series Red Sox vs Dodgers. Absolutely incredible seats, great customer service. Nobody beats Shoowin! You make dreams come true!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Bob D
Check Our FAQ
» When will I receive my tickets?
Ticket delivery is determined by the ticket provider and varies for each game. If you reserved a ticket and your team makes the game, specific instructions are located on the reservation and marketplace pages and options include FedEx/UPS/USPS shipping, electronic (mobile or Print at Home) or in some cases Local Delivery at the site of your game. You will always have your tickets at least one business day before the game but often, a week beforehand. You will receive specific delivery instructions to the E-mail address provided as soon as your team has clinched its spot in the game.
» What does Ticket Cost TBD mean?
If TBD appears anywhere in the purchase process it means that the ticket cost is not yet available as the team has not published what the face value of the ticket is. The ticket cost will be displayed on the website as soon as it is made available by the team or event. A face value ticket cost is printed on the ticket that you will receive and not determined by ShooWin.
» What are ShooWin Reservations and how are they different than tickets?
ShooWin Reservations are not tickets. ShooWin Reservations are team and game specific reservations for the guaranteed right and obligation to purchase a ticket if the team you have chosen qualifies to play in the game. ShooWin Reservations are non-refundable.
» What is an All Access Reservation?
An All Access Reservation gives you the opportunity to see your team in the game wherever the location of the game is.
» When does ShooWin stop selling reservations?
Shoowin stops selling reservations when the teams are decided for the specific event.
» What is the total amount that I pay?
ShooWin sells game- and team-specific reservations for the right to purchase a ticket if your team qualifies to play in the game. When you purchase a non-refundable reservation you are also agreeing to purchase the tickets at the price that was disclosed to you at the time of purchase or at a later date, if your team qualifies for the game. ShooWin charges your credit card for the cost of the tickets (as shown on the reservation or marketplace page), plus any applicable shipping fees (as shown on the reservation or marketplace page) as soon as your team qualifies for the game. All ticket sales are final and there are no refunds.
» How do I purchase a ShooWin Reservation?
1. Select your team and game.
2. Select the seating zone.
3. Select the quantity and click "Add to Cart".
4. Enter your credit card information and follow the prompts to Buy Now.
» What happens when my team qualifies to play in the game?
If your team does qualify for the game, ShooWin charges your credit card for the cost of the tickets (as shown on the reservation or marketplace page), plus any applicable shipping fees (as shown on the reservation or marketplace page) as soon as your team qualifies for the game. All ticket sales are final and there are no refunds. You will receive your tickets based on the timeline and delivery method described on the reservation or marketplace page.
» What happens if my team does not qualify to play in the game?
Nothing. If your team does not qualify for the game/event, you will have paid the non-refundable reservation fee already and you do not owe anything else.
» Where does ShooWin get the tickets?
ShooWin purchases tickets and partners with teams, leagues, conferences, and other ticket providers to provide 100% guaranteed tickets to the games you want to attend.
» Where are the seats located?
Your seats will be located in the seating zone associated with your ShooWin Reservations purchase. ShooWin will provide you with the specific section, row, and seats once your team has clinched a spot in the game. The number of seats together that we can guarantee is determined by the ticket provider and varies for each game. Specific guidelines are located on the reservation and marketplace pages. We can always guarantee at least four (4) seats together and sometimes as many as ten (10). We will try our best accommodate more than this, but cannot guarantee it.
» What is the difference between buying and bidding on a Reservation?
When you buy a ShooWin Reservation you own the rights and are obligated to purchase those tickets if your team qualifies for the game/event. Whereas bidding on a ShooWin Reservation means that you are making an offer to buy a reservation at a lower price than is currently available on the website.
» How does the Bidding Process work?
If you don't want to pay the current ShooWin Reservation price or if the initial allocation is sold out, you can bid on a Shoowin Reservation. Your Bid will be displayed in the market allowing other fans who already hold ShooWin Reservations to match both your price and quantity. Your Bid will remain active until another fan either accepts the Bid, you cancel the Bid, or the market closes.
How to Bid:
1. Select your team/event.
2. Select the seating zone.
3. Select the quantity.
4. Select Place a Bid, which is next to the current Bids and Offers to Sell.
5. A pop-up will appear where you will enter your Bid.
6. Enter in your Credit Card Information and follow the prompts.
7. Once complete, your Bid will appear under the header "My Bids".
» Can I cancel my Bid?
You may cancel your Bid at any time. After you have cancelled your bid the funds will be deposited into your ShooWin wallet and are available for withdrawal.
» How can I sell my reservation?
Any fan who currently owns ShooWin Reservations can place them for sale at any time before the market closes.
How do I place an offer-to-sell?
1. Go to “My Account”, then click on the ShooWin Reservation Card located under "My Reservations".
2. Click on the arrow located at the bottom of the team card.
3. Select both the quantity and enter your price (per ShooWin Reservation).
4. Click Sell..
» When can I withdraw money from my ShooWin wallet?
You can request a withdrawal at any time. When you make a withdrawal request you will have the option of a check mailed to you or a credit to the card you originally used. Requests are processed weekly and you will be notified via email once the request is processed.
» How do I withdraw money from my ShooWin wallet?
1. Visit shoowin.com & “Login”
2. Go to “My Account”
3. Locate “Wallet” & click “Withdraw”
4. The “Withdraw Funds Request” will populate the details from your account, and you will select your payment method, (CHECK BY MAIL or CREDIT CARD).
Checks are mailed on the 1st & 15th of each month and credit cards are processed weekly and take 3-5 business days to credit your account depending on your bank. You will be notified via email once your request has been processed.
» Market rules for NCAA individuals with responsibilities within or over the athletics department:
Student-athletes, athletics department staff members, non-athletics department staff members with responsibilities within or over the athletics department (e.g., chancellor or president, faculty athletic representatives, or any individual to whom athletics reports) and conference office staff members may purchase a Reservation but may not sell or exchange the Reservation at a price or value greater than the initial purchase price.
» What are the Transaction Fees
ShooWin charges the following fees if applicable:
1. When purchasing a reservation:
- 10% of the reservation cost or a $5 minimum
2. When placing a bid:
- 10% of the bid reservation cost or a $5 minimum
3. When selling your reservation:
- 15% of the reservation cost or a $5 minimum
4. When you are receiving a face value ticket:
- 10% of the ticket cost
- Regular Delivery of Paper Tickets - No Cost
- Expedited Overnight Delivery of Paper Tickets - $30
- Delivery of E-Ticket - No Cost
» What is a NCAA Men's Final Four Reservation?
A NCAA Men's Final Four reservation is a team and game specific reservation. When you make the reservation you pick the team, the seating zone and the quantity of reservations you would like. When your team makes the game you will receive a ticket at no additional cost.
» When my team makes the NCAA Men’s Final Four what other costs are involved?
ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER COSTS! The price you paid per reservation is your only cost. When your team makes the game, you receive the ticket at no additional cost.
» Why is the reservation different for the NCAA Men’s Final Four?
Based on customer feedback we are excited to present this offering to our NCAA Men’s Final Four customers. This approach features straight forward pricing for our customer and we are excited to make this offering.
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